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Panel Filter / Hepa Filter

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Panel Filter / Hepa Filter

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Panel Filter / Hepa Filter

Panel Filters are made up of Galvanised Iron Frame with synthetic/spun bonded media in a pleated form to retain particles upto 1 micron. Basically, these filters work with negative pressure. Filter thread is sealed by sealant into the filter frame made of MDF board (pressed wooden fibres), equipped with a protective layer. On request, the frame can be made of the following materials -zinc-plated steel metal sheet, stainless steel metal sheet or aluminium metal sheet. Hepa Filters are high efficiency filters for filtration rating upto 0.3 micron. Panel Filter, Hepa Filter at Filtcare Technology, Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer, Traders of Panel / Hepa Filter.

- High Mechanical Stability
- High flexibility in use
- Easy to install
- Low pressure drop

Sizes:- Standard & Customized
Type:- Box and Flange type
Frame MOC:- SS 304 & Aluminium
Filtration Rating:- 1 to 50 micron
MOC of filter media:- PP, Polyester, Synthetic Non-Woven, HDPE Mesh, SS Mesh, Nylon Mesh

- Chemical Industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Food Processing
- Microbiology
- Nuclear Technology

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