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PVC Bag Filter Housing

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PVC Bag Filter Housing

PVC Bag Filter Housings are the best option and an alternative for Stainless steel housings. They are designed for high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.PVC Housings are useful for filtering highly viscous fluids.

- Material of Construction: - PVC
- Inlet and outlet: - 2" ANSI Flange
- Closure type: - Union closure and Nut-Bolt type
- Pressure withstanding capacity: - 60 psi (Maximum); Continuous: - 45 psi

- - Oil Applications
- Paints
- Inks
- Sugar Syrup
- Polymers
- Chemicals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Lacquers

Filter Housing

Pioneers in the industry, We offer Filter Housings for various industrial applications. Our Filter Housings are compact in design and real space savers. We offer Cartridge Filter Housing, Fabricated Strainers, Casted Basket Strainer, Bag Filter Housing, PVC Cartridge Filter Housing, PVC Bag Filter Housing, Y & T Strainer, PolyPropylene Filter Housing, and Vent Filter. We are Filter Housing Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier