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YT Strainer

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Y & T Strainer

Y-Strainer are used in applications where the amount of suspended solids to be removed are less and where frequent cleaning is not required. They are most often installed in gaseous services such as steam, air, nitrogen, natural gas, etc. The compact, cylindrical shape of the Y-strainer is very strong and can readily accommodate the high pressures that are common in this type of service. A Y-strainer can be installed either in a horizontal or vertical position. Our Strainers are furnished with high quality stainless steel screens that are carefully fabricated to fit the strainer body perfectly. This, coupled with the precision machined screen seat on the body of the strainer, protects against any bypass.

- Low pressure drop
- Reusable and cleanable
- Easy Back washing
- Compact Design
- Suitable for Liquid, Gas or steam.

MOCs: - SS 304, SS 304 L, SS 316, SS 316 L, Carbon Steel
Filter Elements: - Wrap Round and Pleated type, Monel screens also available.
End Connection types: - Flanged, Threaded and Socket Welded

- Process Industries
- Power Plants
- Textile
- Refineries
- Chemicals
- Paper an
- Pulp
- Oil and Gas

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