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Casted Strainer

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Casted Strainer

The shape of simplex basket strainers is like a basket which has the capacity to store large amount of debris. Also, the bigger size provides a proper platform for effective filtration area. Although the weight of simplex basket strainers is quite heavy, its enormous size renders excellent capacity for holding dirt. A casted simplex basket strainer is a strainer made up of robust cast. It has a threaded drain and the flow of fluids is from inside to outside. Providing expertise in strainers, we offer various options in the physical and technical features which can be selected as per the preference of our clients.

- High Filtration Area
- High dirt holding capacity
- Low Pressure drop
- Provides excellent coarser filtration
- Compact size
- Competitive price

Types Of Ends

- Size: ¼"- 2" ( Screwed, Scoket weld)
- Size: ½"- 16" (Flanged ends, Butt weld ends)

Types Of Basket Filter Element


- Pharmaeuticals
- Steel & Power
- Powder Coating
- Shot Blasting
- Cement
- Chemicals
- Paints & Pigments

Filter Housing

Pioneers in the industry, We offer Filter Housings for various industrial applications. Our Filter Housings are compact in design and real space savers. We offer Cartridge Filter Housing, Fabricated Strainers, Casted Basket Strainer, Bag Filter Housing, PVC Cartridge Filter Housing, PVC Bag Filter Housing, Y & T Strainer, PolyPropylene Filter Housing, and Vent Filter. We are Filter Housing Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier


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