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Air Filter Bags

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Air Filter Bags

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Air Filter Bags

Air Filter Bags are used for separating dust particles from air. Considered as a key component in the pollution control system, the dust collector filter bags have become a preferred choice in consumer and industrial market. The material used for filter bags is selected based upon the application details like temperature,nature of dust,moisture content,etc. We offer complete protection through a complete mix of protective coatings and high temperature. This PTFE popular finish allows the dust collector to sustain high temperatures without suffering abrasion

- Can handle higher flow rate
- High dirt holding capacity
- Low Pressure drop
- Key component in pollution control system

Type Of Material

FIBER GLASS FILTER BAGS (For high temperature)
PTFE Membrane

Type Of Filter Bags

Non Woven Polyester Filter Bags
Cement Plant Filter Bag
Collar Type Fiber Glass Filter Bag
Expanded PTFE Membrane Filter Bag
Nomex Filter Bags

- Grinding
- Laser Cutting
- Machining
- Mixing
- Polishing
- Welding
- Wood Working
- Bulk Powder
- Composites Machining
- Powder Coating

Filter Cartridges

Filtcare is one of the finest Filter Cartridges Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier.Our Filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for use in critical filtration applications within various industries. Combining technical expertise with experience & practical knowledge, we cater to a wide range of Filter Cartridges like Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges, Wound Filter Cartridges, PP Pleated Filter Cartridges, PTFE Filter Cartridges, Carbon Filter Cartridges, Oil Adsorbing Filter Cartridges, Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges, and Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges